AMC  Gremlin? Somebody made a model of that? They must have. It was in my collection. Looks like the passenger side tires are flat.

Still trying to figure out this one. '40s-era Plymouth or Chrysler?  I built it, but I'll be damned if I remember  what it is.

1968 Cadillac convertible. Nice ride, even today

1970 Oldsmobile Toronado. Radical because it was the first, big, front-wheel drive American car with a huge, thumping V-8. This also came later in a Cadillac.

Lord knows when I built this BMW kit. I think it's a Monogram. The paint has gone a little dull but hell, so have I.

This BMW model was given to me by a friend at the BMW dealership. It's a Eurospec M635 CSi, and in a display case with the Roundel logo. Hand built and very nicely detailed. It may have been some kind of factory promotion since the dealer had it.

Chevy Citation Turbo. Sooooo 80s